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Services provided:

Childcare Services – Services that meet a child’s basic needs including: shelter, food and nutrition, clothing, nurturing environment and staff, socialization and interpersonal skills, care for personal health and hygiene, supervision, education, and service planning.

Treatment Services – This is in addition to the Childcare services, a specialized type of Childcare services designed to treat and/or support youth with:

(A) Emotional Disorders, such as mood disorders, psychotic disorders, or dissociative disorders, and who demonstrate three or more of the following:
            (i) A Global Assessment Functioning of 50 or below

            (ii) A current DSM diagnosis
            (iii) Major self-injurious actions, including recent suicide attempts
            (iv) Difficulties that present a significant risk of harm to others, including physical aggression


(B) These services include weekly individualized psychological/psychiatric care to assist youth in resolving emotional or behavioral issues. 

(C) There will be quarterly treatment team reviewmeetings of each youth’s progress.


(D) Silver Lining Residential will provide Case Management Services including assessments, service plan updating, service management, and service monitoring to track the child’s progress or changes; progress.

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